"Tripp's perspective on the integrated, New Man is ridiculously solid. I love him.” ~ Brian Johnson, CEO of Heroic

AIM Video Series

Why are the vast majority of folks stuck in professions that drain their souls?

Why is it considered “normal” that so many guys get stuck in the rat race chasing after money and success without ever feeling fulfilled?

Most folks will settle for this path in life. They may play the victim, focus on their problems, and make excuses for why they have to stay stuck in their situation. 

And then a rare few guys will lean in and look for solutions. They’ll learn 7 skills that, when combined, will open the door to the next phase of their professional lives.

It’s these 7 skills that allow them to reveal their authority — to leverage who they are so they don’t get stuck in a professional box.

It’s these 7 skills that allow them to make an impact — to climb out of the shadows and actually make a difference in the lives of the people they truly care about.

It’s these 7 skills that allow them to live with a deep sense of meaning — to align their work and their values with the lifestyle that’s right for them.

I’m calling this 7 step process AIM which stands for Authority, Impact, and Meaning.

But really it should be called The “I’m Drained by My Job and I Want to Be Paid Well for Doing Meaningful, Impactful Work That Allows Me to Have a Killer Lifestyle” System.

I’ve utilized this system in my own businesses for over 25 years, and I’ve helped many others use it to transition into the next phase of their lives.

In this series of short videos, you’ll learn the basics of this system and the 7 skills required to align your profession with what truly matters to you.

9 Modules

Welcome to AIM

Get to know Tripp and what's in store for you in AIM.

Step 1 - Galvanize Your Mindset

This process starts between the ears. Let's align your profession with what lights you up.

Step 2 - Identify and Leverage Your Authority

Clarify what makes you unique and valuable.

Step 3 - Focus On Your Tribe

Spend your time with your people instead of morons.

Step 4 - Provide Major Value

Stay out of the "Professional Friend Zone" and do work that actually matters.

Step 5 - Create Your Own Opportunities

Because no one is coming to save you -- learn to create your own opportunities.

Step 6 - Balance Work and Lifestyle

Stop chasing "more, more, more" and design a system that fits the lifestyle you want.

Step 7 - Maintain Momentum

This isn't a hobby. Be a pro instead of an amateur. 

Coaching Plus a *BONUS* - Access to a Chapter of My Book

Get access to Chapter 1 of This Book Will Make You Dangerous in PDF and audio format.

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